Zumba Review: Still Keeping People Fit

Zumba Review: Still Keeping People Fit

We have so many choices for fitness and Healthy diets today, some may be more interesting than others.  Let’s take Zumba for instance, it is a great program if you are looking for dance and fitness, gosh, it has been around for about 20 years. Zumba is a  trademark and owned by a company called Zumba Fitness, LLC. It is not just a fad where someone tried something new.

This class primarily based exercising program was invented through a twist of fate by way of a Colombian man who turned into a dancer and choreographer, through the call of Alberto Perez.  Zumba is an aerobic exercise, which means that it allows for increases in heart rate and blood pressure for the duration of exercising, helping to keep
the heart healthy,  and free from heart disease.

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There are additives of both dance and aerobics on this program. Many individuals use it for weight loss, healthy weight control, heart muscle toning for overall fitness.  The beauty of Zumba workouts is that it can be done with young and old folks.


Zumba is a very popular exercise program, practiced by about 20 million people per week. It is estimated that there are over 150,000 licensed and non licensed sites for you to take a look at and maybe tryout.  Zumba is taught in about 180 countries, so there is no excuse or any reason that you can try this fun and adventurous form of exercise.

zumba dancingThe Origin Of Zumba

Zumba was created by accident by Alberto Perez (Beto) when he forgets the normal aerobics class that he was teaching one night.  So he decided to throw together the music tapes he found in his car they were mostly Salsa and Merengue music.  He had to brainstorm his first class and soon after that people loved the music and he had a very large following in his home country Colombia.

In 2001 Alberto (Benito) Perez moved the United States, where he met two men Alberto Aghion and Alberto Perlman and that is when the Zumba movement came to life.  The three men soon after that sold the fitness program to a company called Fitness Quest.  Through the new company Fitness Quest, the Zumba became licensed and through DVD players, and VCR tapes and many direct marketing campaigns Zumba was a shining star.

Dance Moves Incorporated Into Zumba

There were a large variety of dance moves in Zumba and some of them were taken from dance styles like


The dance moves made from different aerobic moves like squats, and lunges.  Besides the obvious perks of fat burning that comes from the fast-paced, cardio workout that leaves you with no more breath in you, it also strengthens the heart, every single dance the move builds up strength and lean muscle these moves are perfectly coordinated to blood pumping music.

Muscle Groups Zumba Works On


And practically all the large and small muscle groups of your entire body.

Lunges And Dance Moves

Zumba consolidates body rolls and hip shakes with lunges and sophisticated footwork, and this all blends together completely to predominantly work the core and your lower body muscles

It is truly a dance workout, excellent for losing weight and great for building lean muscle. If you are looking for a six pack keeps looking it will come through on your core with just a few classes of Zumba.

Classes Today In Zumba

To be an instructor in Zumba you must be licensed by the Zumba Fittness, LLC company. Once that is done you then teach hour-long programs that are inter-twined with fast and slow music
Resistance Training

The music that is used for Zumba is Latin dancing music along with some hip-hop and other styles that are put into dance routines.  People love the dance routines it gets them going nonstop they are having fun, losing weight and it is the best entertaining exercise.  They do have what is called the Zumba Cold Program it is for the elderly that uses routines of aerobic they are more suited for people who are less mobile with vitality and flexibility.

Other Types Of Zumba Programs

A program that comes from the original Zumba is Zumba Step.  This is one of the latest Zumba programs it primarily pulverizes the gluteal and the leg muscles.  Another one that is also offered, it utilizes what is called toning sticks to help works with the stomach, thighs, and arms.  This program was built for people who want to sculpt lean and strong

Aqua Zumba is held in a pool which makes it much easier on the joints compared to the other programs.  It is much easier to move in the water.

How To Get Started With Zumba?

One thing is always good to check with your physician to be sure that you can do this type of exhaustive training and make sure it is for you, Zumba can be done in a number
of ways.

private fitness
community centers

There are a number of places that hold classes for you.  Or another option is that you go to Walmart purchase a Zumba DVD and Zumba away in the privacy of your own home. Don’t get frustrated if you can not do the full hour class, it is best you work up to the full hour.  You will start seeing splendid body changes as your fitness level rises.

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