What To Do When You Just Can’t Lose Weight

What To Do When You Just Can’t Lose Weight

The Truth About losing weight and not your mind In 3 Minutes


I realize what it feels like to be trapped in an overweight body. I lost a little weight and  afterwards, I stopped,  I can’t lose weight for anything. I had around 25-30 pounds, to go and nothing seemed to  work no matter what I did. I was working  out, eating very healthy and  still no more weight reduction.   Here is the what I unfortunately  needed to do and  you can do it as well!

We will start at square one again

1. Let’s take a peek at your over all plan. Review your eating habits and what you are eating.  So sometimes we are doing so well we think we can sway off the path we started on.  The time  has come to where you have to look at our carb intake.

Maybe you need to cut more calories.  Stay  away from the newest diet out there, and also the weight loss plans, they are not for everybody,  and they can be very expensive.

Work towards your lifetime goals of a healthy eating routine and a way of a life changer.  I understand a lot of us do not like change.  If you can’t lose weight  you have to put our old eating habits in  the trash can in order to lose weight.  Furthermore, be cautious, of the new products on the shelves in markets. They all claim they  are good for you but they are not.

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Here are a few products to be careful of soymilk, skim milk, all processed food (these foods all contain preservatives, many with msg also).  I have seen no weight loss in consuming them if anything it has been weight gain.


2. Eat fresh food when you can, if not frozen is the next best thing.

3. If you can pick up organic foods

Like, produce, meats, eggs, and milk (I have switched to almond milk). That is even better,  organic is the best,(but many can’t afford it). If you don’t have fresh or frozen or the last  resort a can is ok too, just read the label for sodium and everything else in it. That is important  in our plan for dieting.   Eat plenty of protein to build muscle and burn fat away.

4. If possible use coconut oil for frying foods.

Coconut oil researchers say is the best oil you can  use for healthy eating. All things considered, consuming coconut oil it is a fuel for your body.   It actually helps lose weight by burning the fat your body. It is a kind of fat that has been  tested and proven to help with heart disease , help fight cardiovascular disease, and now it is showing it is good for joint pain. Studies show it is much healthier than olive oil.

5. Exercise reasonably yet don’t overdo it.

You often hear people babble about the need to increase  more exercise, yet an excess of such activity can be nearly as awful as too little. Tune in to  your body. Begin  gradually and add  a new exercise 1 or 2 daily.

If you still can’t lose weight maybe you can increase your fitness routine.  Interchange your weight training on yoga or aerobics  exercise practices do them on other days. You don’t have to do your fitness plans daily switch  them around, you might not wanna do yoga today and not tomorrow and that is fine. Your fitness  plan should not be demanding, it should be fun.  

 6. When you have tried everything

If you can’t lose weight, get some assistance.  At some point, you may simply require some additional assistance.  There can be many reasons for not being  able to lose weight, you might have medical reasons, talk to your doctor first then put an exercise plan together.

I have done numerous hours of research. I have taken many classes in herbal supplements, a lot  of these diet or weight loss programs give people high hopes, and end up with empty promises.

If I have tried it I will suggest it, if it works. Once trying for a couple of weeks I will give  you my review.  When a person states I Can’t Lose Weight it is a serious, that means there is a  statement, that usually means something is blocking you from losing weight. Every person is different, what works for me might not work for  you.

If you have a diet working for you, please leave a comment maybe we can help someone else.  I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey!

8 thoughts on “What To Do When You Just Can’t Lose Weight

  1. That is a very good Article. I like to hear about the number of ways people go about losing weight , Thank you for sharing your experience.

    What I find that works for me when it comes to losing pounds, is buying 0 percent fat products.

    but i will surely implement some of the ways you mentioned above in your article, Frying with coconut oil for example. That is very interesting.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Coconut oil is an excellent choice also switch to coconut flour. Works as regular you stay with the way you would normally batter your choice of food. Thank you for stopping bye hope to see you more, I have some great posts coming out that will really help you.

  2. Great article about reducing weight. Now a days so many young people are facing obesity and yet they had no idea how to lose weight even they went to exercise. This is a great article because changing the daily diet is the factor of reducing weight. Thank you for sharing such an informative post.


    1. Your Welcome Jaden when we gain weight it can be frustrating and stressful, in just a few tweaks you can change into a happier you. I will be writing more on this subject.
      Thank you so much for stopping by

  3. As someone who has also been struggling to lose those infamous “final 30 pounds” for years now, this post was really insightful into realizing that there is always something that I can change to better my health and weight loss efforts.

    1. Hi Brook,

      Yes as we get older it is difficult to lose those pounds, just simple little tricks go a long way. I will be posting more about this in the very near future.

      Thank You for stopping by.

  4. wow what an informative article, well researched and some amazing tips that i will definitely follow. I use coconut oil in my cooking and i adore it and i definitely agree that you don’t need to over do it with the exercise, pushing yourself too hard is just as detrimental to your body.
    I also agree with you that your body knows best and you need to tune into it, a lot of times i’m not drinking enough water and my body makes me feel like i want a snakc when really i just need a big glass of water!
    great article 🙂

    1. Thank you Colleen,

      Coconut oil is great, I also went to using the coconut flour. It works very well just as regular flour. I am so glad to hear that you come back and visit, I have some amazing things I want to do with this site.

      Thank You for stopping by

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