Trampoline Benefits Review

Trampoline Benefits Review

The Secret Of Trampoline

Perhaps you ought to as there is a growing epidemic with American youngsters, one which shows little sign of slowing: obesity. That is brought on by means of days spent glued to the state-of-the-art software on television or trying to conquer an exceedingly tough stage on a computer game. Youngsters are spending more time indoors, and less enjoying outdoor fun. So, what do you do?  How do you pull your children’s interest from rapid-paced entertainment?

Considering A trampoline? Lets Look At The 7.5ft Bazoongi JumpPod Trampoline with Enclosure

Even as some may also deem this too old skool for today’s kids, research has shown that kids are much more likely to spend their hours on a trampoline that the more commonly thought of sports activities of biking or swimming. That is typical because of the reality that the trampoline is so easy: you go to the backyard, get on and jump. There are not any complicated regulations  to follow (don’t skate here, you ought to be this tall to be ultimate of the pool, stay off the trail, etc.) A trampoline is easy–you just start jumping.

Think about it even one hour a day jumping and moving decreases health problems, and start toward a healthier life. Not to mention the calories that you are burning up.  Obesity can cause a wide range of health problems.

1. Weight Problems
2. Diabetes
3. High Blood Pressure
4. Heart disease and goes on.

These problems can start at the age of a child if the problems are not attended to it will carry on to your adult age.  As there role model what the child learns today it will affect them for tomorrow.  So why not instill the values while they are young?  Today we see children sprawled out on the couch, and they think this is the way to live.  There is nothing wrong with children watching tv, yes they should be allowed to go online with their friends.  But they should be taught to exercise.  Give them exercise with a trampoline.

This is simple, and fun, it is also an effective way to help reduce the risks of obesity and live a much healthier life.  And I think that is all we want for our children.  Why take the risk that they will grow to have problems or complications that come with obesity.  Why take the chance when you can change it now.  With simple exercises it will greatly reduce the chance for health problems, and what could be simpler than a trampoline?

It is so easy to see your child sitting around the house watching tv or playing video games.  But then it is also easy to let them become overweight, and the poor child will suffer in the future.  Instead, we need to get them playing outside and become active.  There is no regret a trampoline with giving them exercise and they will enjoy it.

How To Handle Every Trampoline Challenge With Ease Using These TipsGive your family (and yourself) the chance for a healthy future.  Purchase a trampoline and start them on the path of regular exercise.  You all will feel and see the advantages they will not be in front of the tv or playing games all day long. They will discover a new lifestyle doing something
fun and healthy.

A trampoline will let you discover how fun exercise can be and that the tv and computer are not needed to have good times.   It is fun and easy and weight loss effects. What could be better than that?

This is a great size for a back yard or family Room.



7.5ft Bazoongi trampoline with JumpPod enclosure

Trampoline Features:

  • Rust resistant galvanized steel frame
  • 27in height
  • W-shaped legs for added stability
  • Reinforced t-sockets
  • Unique over and under spring connection point design
  • 42 5.5in galvanized steel springs
  • For ages 6 and up
  • 175lb jumper weight capacity

Enclosure Features:

Rust resistant galvanized steel enclosure poles

  • Poles insert directly into trampoline frame t-sockets for easy assembly
  • Premium mesh enclosure netting
  • Zipper and buckle enclosure entrance
  • 92in trampoline height with enclosure


Trampoline Brand Bazoongi
Manufacturer’s Part Number BZJP7506
Trampoline Shape Round
Frame Size 7ft 6in
Jumper Weight 180lbs

8 thoughts on “Trampoline Benefits Review

  1. Interesting post. I have a trampoline at home which is always in use. My daughters and their friends are always jumping, dancing and singing on it. As you said it’s a great form of exercise for them.
    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Mark I love them and I am seeing a few trampoline parks going up. So people are looking at that form of exercising now.

  2. Hi,

    I have gained some weight recently and I am looking for some fun ways to slim down. Your article just comes in time! I am now actually renting and my landlord owns a trampoline at the yard. For almost all the time, his children would be occupying the trampoline and jumping on it. I think I might sneakily wait until his children finish it before I get into it haha!

    1. You go girlfriend trampolines lots of fun it will keep kids in one place, so parents do not have to worry where they are. Your grandson will just love it. They are so much fun, great for fitness and losing weight. I am noticing that trampoline parks are being put up everywhere.

  3. I like this post because when my girls were growing up and were into all kinds of sports we had a trampoline for them. It was used almost continually and helped keep them in shape. I think trampolines should be in everybody’s backyard from young to old can benefit from them.

    1. Yes Fred We just had a trampoline park that opened up. I am going to start going
      Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts

  4. I had no idea a trampoline could be this great for weight loss! I see kids having fun on them all of the time; as a matter of fact my grandson has been asking for one. His family on his mother’s side struggles with weight problems and unfortunately so does he; this post has made up my mind that I am getting him one with or without his mother’s approval! Thank you so much for all of this information concerning how to actually lose weight; my sister is on a mission right now to lose weight and I am going to refer her to your website. Very informative and I can not wait until I get the trampoline I will be using it also! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Marley, as I was researching trampolines that is when I looked and thought that would be a great past time, and as far as children that is the best, they are out of trouble, and you can really put them anywhere. Thank you for dropping by.


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