Tomato Firecracker

Tomato Firecracker

3 cups tomato juice or V8 juice

few dashes of Worcestershire sauce

dash of celery salt

dash of salt and pepper

2 red chiles seeded and diced

1 scallion chopped

8 ice cubes


chili flower garnish2 long red chiles, cut into flowers.

To make the flowers, use a sharp knife to make cut six thin slices , place the point of your knife about 1/2 inch from the stem starting at the stem end cut toward the tip of chile.  Place chile in a bowl of ice water for about half hour.  Until the chiles take a flower shape.

Put the tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce in blender, and blend together.  Add the chiles, scallions and ice blend till smooth.  Pour mixture into tall glasses and garnish with the chile flowers, add a straw and enjoy.

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