The Truth About Belviq: The Dangers You Need to Know About This Weight Loss Drug

The Truth About Belviq: The Dangers You Need to Know About This Weight Loss Drug

Losing weight for many people can be very frustrating, the changing of many factors for people whether it is from a medical problem, or depression the list can go on and on.  The first thing for anyone trying to lose weight is eating healthy and exercising.  The FDA has given there approval for the second time being the first time it failed. Let’s find out if it really works?What is Belviq?

Beliviq Belviq is a drug for losing weight, and it has been approved by the FDA. What that mean is that you can ask your doctor because it must be prescribed.  It is suppose to help you lose that stubborn weight you have
been trying to get rid of. But the question you want to know  is does it does it really work, and will it help you lose weight is it worth it?

Belviq is suppose help you curb your appetite when you are craving food. It ideally is suppose to kill the hunger, that can lead to eating unhealthy junk food, Belviq activates the brain receptors that control your
serotonin levels in your body.  ( Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that triggers feelings of being full and satisfied)
and also helps with moodiness.

Does Belviq Really Work?

There a common side effects that people who participated in a study who took Belviq and they are as follows

Dry mouth
and for some constipation

Beliviq How It Works

On top of these side effects, the study surmised that the drug Belviq has the possibility to cause defects in the heart valve, which is why the FDA denied this drug the first time around. Now through the news and articles
this drug might be coming back.


Belviq believe it or not is just one more drug that will make the drug companies more money.  While brining
minimal testing, and a bunch of negative side effects a possibility of having fatal heart problems.  Again
this is a product that because the FDA has allowed it, people are going to think it is safe, when truthfully it is
nothing but a big waste of money, and dangerous for your health.

I am sure you are very frustrated with wasting your hard earned money on drugs that are useless, Belviq will
give you very little results with all the dangerous side effects.  If you want to really lose weight look into a
healthy was of doing it. Don’t waste anymore money for the drugs that do not work or that can very
harmful to your body.

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