Simply Fit Board Review-Start Twisting Those Pounds Away

Simply Fit Board Review-Start Twisting Those Pounds Away

Simply Fit Board :  Twist Those Pounds Away Click Here

How To Use A Simply Fit BoardI am so skeptical when it comes to trying new weight loss objects. I have seen all the commercials as the hottest selling product in toning and losing weight this Simply Fit Board is made out of pliable plastic and it is a balance board. It is suppose to burn calories and tone muscles.  First and for most this exercise is all about  standing on the board and balance yourself while twisting, with the lower body goes in  one direction and the upper body goes the direction.

The Simply Fit Board comes with a DVD, and has other exercises also. The DVD shows other build muscle exercises and the proper way of the twisting motion.  When I saw it on TV I thought to myself ok another weight loss product that probably won’t  work. For myself I know I needed to lose weight, so the first thing I did was join a gym  and started working out three days a week.  It wasn’t going fast enough for me, although I  love my trainer and he does work me to this day. I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased the Simply Fit Board.


At first I felt silly I was hoping no one saw me (I live on a second floor) and I was wobbling back and forth.  Once I got the hang of things I twisted all day. The hard part of the board is to get your balance.

The DVD that comes with the board, has a few different workouts six to be exact. These  workouts are to show the extent, and practically of the simply fit board. Some my seem difficult but just take it one step at a time. I have used it myself and it take you to a whole new level of working out. I feel so blessed that the simply fit board has helped me in balance of walking.

The board is made out of strong pliable plastic, has some give to it, to broaden the practically of the board. The board comes in different colors. It is very light you can carry and store it anywhere.

This board is innovational and ingenious, and as long you take care of your board and don’t  abuse it, you will have it for a life time. But remember this will not be your only tool to workout with.

It is a great exercise and workout  tool

It helps with balance

Works on the core muscles

Works on the legs and works on your abs

The DVD is great it is very useful, has a good amount of exercise instructions and  programming it goes way beyond the basic.

While having fun, this board has a lot of power, in my opinion there isn’t enough variety in the Simply Fit Board  and DVD programming to keep someone hooked for more than three or four months. You’ll likely need
to supplement the workouts with other forms of exercise.

The Simply Fit Board is a exercise tool and I myself love it a lot. The fact that it does  work for working on the abs and developing a better balance. Unfortunately there is only  so much you can do with this board, so I incorporate other workouts and I don’t us the  board ask the main workout.

It is a great tool to start your workout journey.

 Fun, Easy And Effective Workout!

  • Great For All Body Types
  • Helps Strengthen And Tone Abs, Legs, And More!
  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Supports Up To 400lbs
  • Includes: User Guide & DVD
  • Item Weight: 4.15 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Click Here  To Start Twisting Those Pounds Away





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