Realistic Weight Loss Goals!

Realistic Weight Loss Goals!

Realistic Goals For WeiglossThere are many problems with those in need of losing weight,  is that they’re overly energetic. The desire to lose a big amount of weight can effectively result in quitting early and very big disappointments.  In terms of creating weight loss goals, start first with the with creating a long-term goal ( purpose or intention) you also when setting a goal you should also have mini goals in it. This will keep motivated.

Here is an example of what I mean by a weight loss goal chart.

Goal #1 This is a very important step, reduce the amount of food you eat.
Decrease the junk food, when you are at take-out don’t supersize it, order small instead of large when eating chew it slower. You should get into a habit or ordering lemonade, water, or sprite, you don’t want coke or Pepsi.  When you are going to a restaurant, eat until you are hungry, and you can take the rest home it you would like,

Goal #2. When making your goals, include more exercising.

Take stairs or steps to your job, or the mall or even grocery shopping.  Avoid taking the elevator at all costs. Park a few steps farther away when going to mall or stores and even your job. This is something I do when sitting on a couch or getting out of bed from lying down do 2-3 sit-ups to lift upwards.

Goal #3. Watch what you eat

Begin this journey with calorie counting, and get a weight loss diet journal.  Important make sure to reduce my fat or cholesterol intake, you do not want to exceed the amount that is listed in the nutritional facts on the side of all products.

goal for weight lossI hope these weight loss tips help you, it is not easy to weight for many people. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments section.  GOOD LUCK.

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