Healthy Way Of Losing Weight

Healthy Way Of Losing Weight

The Secret of healthy way of losing weightThe success of any weight loss is a healthy diet and a fitness program done regularly.  Eating a healthy diet and regular workouts empowers you to lose weight, this has to be long-term for any results.  When wanting to lose weight it must be done at a  slow and steady pace, you won’t want to rely on diet pills or the fad diet that is popular now.

If weight loss pills or the new diet out there if that is the way you choose you will gain that weight back after a certain amount of time, plus you may have side effects.  Because pills and other forms of weight loss help is the only short term.  The healthy way of losing weight, is the ideal way to lose weight.

Here are some positive steps towards healthy eating and reducing your weight at the same time:

It is said that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that is because it starts your day with a well balanced nutritious meal.  Breakfast gives us the necessary energy that we need for the whole day and keeps the metabolism moving. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you stay away from the unhealthy snacking or binging at lunchtime.

I myself do not like to eat so early in the morning, so I have a breakfast shake that consists of:
1/4 cup of any fruit just watch the calories of the fruits, they have natural sugar.
1 scoop of coconut protein powder  (whatever protein powder you choose)
1cup of almond milk
1 teaspoon pure apple cider vinegar (you can read my pure apple cider post for more info)
2 Tablespoons of plain yogurt
I blend it and drink it, this is good for any meal, you can blend anything you want

Eating breakfast should be a small portion with lots of protein an high fiber so that you will be filled until lunch time.  Eating high fiber food is a good thing they are not high in calories and they pass through without the body absorbing them. This is the beginning of your healthy way of losing weight.

When planning your meals it is always good to check the calorie and fat count of the food you plan to eat. One thing to keep in mind you need to eat regularly with small meals and snacks, if you do not take this into consideration this could lead you to binge eating.

3 Easy Ways To Make healthy way of losing weight Faster

Small and frequent meals daily will keep you in control over your diet and it will ensure you of what you are eating.  The meal program you chose to make for a healthy way to lose weight should be ideal for your lifestyle.  When I say meal program I am referring to the one you make, you do not have to join a program. Just remember you must have three meals a day and snacks in between,


Fiber intake is the easiest way in my opinion to lose weight, and you can use it in two ways:
1.  Is a soluble form, they are beans, and oatmeal etc.
2.  There is an insoluble form that we can find in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Both of these forms are great, you are right in whatever you choose, I myself mix them up This is the healthy way of losing weight because the soluble form in eating this way lowers cholesterol in your body, and the insoluble way adds bulk to your diet.  Fiber swells in the stomach and you feel bloated and full. Also, it is a win-win situation because fruits and vegetables provide the important vitamins and minerals to your body. So it will help with the urge of eating more.

Drinking water is so important, drink large amounts of water every day. (I myself do not like water, so what I do is add sliced fruit to it).  You need water because it regulates the temperature of your body.  Drinking water also helps curb your appetite, Drinking ice water help heat the body and can help in burning up to 300 + calories.  Great isn’t it?

Those are just a few tips on a healthy way of losing weight, you have to start somewhere, why not start your healthy way of losing weight here.

I hope you all have a have a blessed, and healthy journey.
If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section.

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