Affirmations For Losing Weight

Affirmations For Losing Weight

Heard Of The Affirmations For Weight loss Effect? Here It Is

Are you having a hard time sticking to your weight loss plan, and staying focused on losing weight?  I would like to  give you some affirmations to keep you focused and motivated,  Even in times of battle and thinking you are letting  yourself down.

Losing weight can be an uphill battle because let’s face it, we all want to lose those extra pounds, for one reason or  another that are very important to us.  Sometimes I sit and laugh at myself because I know it took some time to put on the  extra pounds on, and now I just want them to suddenly disappear.

The hard cold facts are losing weight takes time for everyone, So don’t think you are alone. If you took a survey of 100 people  from all circuits of life,  and asking them “What is the hardest thing you ever tried to do,” I bet for the most part the answer would be losing weight.

You can try all the diets out there one by one, or read a million tips on how to lose weight, that does not keep you focused or on track.  Sadly the weight just doesn’t fall off our bodies, and that it is so hard to stay focused and motivated on the goals we have set for losing weight. Luckily, we can fix that problem, and it all starts with an affirmative mindset plus attitude.

Sabotaging Our Thoughts:

 The Secret of Affirmations For Weight loss

We all think we have the control necessary to lose weight,  be that as it may when taking off those extra pounds  takes longer than  expected it is so easy to get frustrated and give in.  When we get into that situation we lose patience and lose the vision of why we began this journey in the first place.  Losing Weight is not an easy thing to do, you need determination and willpower for your success.

If you give in or are tempted to eat something that you know can be harmful on your journey, it is okay we are not perfect and we are going to slip and fall  along the way.

When you are about to open that large bag of chips and start putting your hands right in the bag,  you can tell yourself that “it is ok to fall, I have already  made the mindful choice that I will not return to my old habits”.

When you say this out loud, you are taking your power back from the negative thoughts.  Taking your power back is the most important step in renewing your power over negative actions.  It is ok to fall a few times along the way.  Jumping over  obstacles is how you succeed.

Losing Weight Affirmations And You:

Little Known Ways to Affirmations For Weight loss One of the problems that we have is when the weight does not vanish right away we get disappointed or depressed.  And then we very easily give in to what we should  not have. We all have those pity parties!  Nothing ever goes my way, so I will just eat that will go away.  These are thought that set us back when we are just starting our weight loss journey.

Don’t let these kinds of thoughts plant a seed into your mind, you can use affirmations instead to reacting to negative thinking. Working with affirmations will remind you of your weight loss goals. Using these affirmations will help get rid of those extra pounds by reassuring to stay motivated and focused even when you think you  are at your lowest time of defeat or failure.

What is so good about this method, is that they can be used anytime and anywhere, morning or night,  After a short amount of time  they will be inserted into your innermost thoughts. The more you use them the more your thought process will change.  And the more control you have over sabotaging your thoughts.

Using affirmations for losing weight will show you quickly knowing how to use the power of words. Asserting them help you change negative thoughts and respond to battle those cravings,  and feelings of disappointment and frustration, without reaching for food.

Here are a few Affirmations for you,  to get you started.  Now don’t forget to use them as many times a day and night that you can.  Research has shown it takes twenty-one days for something  to really sink into your subconscious.

I am motivated to lose weight and become healthy

I am dedicated to following my weight loss plan

I am completely focused on losing weight

I only eat healthy food

I hope your journey of losing weight is a healthy and happy one:

If you need any assistance please leave a comment I will be happy to help with whatever you need.

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