About Me

About Me

Hi All,

I am so happy to have you stop by my site.  This topic to me is dear to my heart.  The reason is in 2008 I became ill, and I was limited in my activities.

I made this website for two reasons

  1. I could not work anymore, I was very limited. I started gaining weight
  2. I know there are hundreds of people that have it worse than me and if I can change just one person life for the better, I can change a hundred lives for the better.

We can all live healthy lives, eating well and exercising.  Commitment is the hardest, I don’t know why many people fear committing to something. Now it is a challenge to me, it took me a very long time, now I have joined a gym and the YMCA for swimming.

I want to show and help anyone who wants to lose weight,  your first step starts here. Come take the journey with me, it all starts with mindset and commitment.

So forward  we go if you have any questions please send them to losingweightcafe@gmail.com

Let me help you start your journey today.

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